Bopharan - Anutoth

Bopharan is a jungle running between the Kilth mountains to Bloodtusk Bay and south to shores of the Minotaur Inlet. It is a thick, hot and humid area where game trails serve as the only paths to get around. Passage through the area is usually by way of the Ralban River.

In the Demon Spawn War, Bopharan served as a jungle warfare training area for soldiers schooled at Gamba-Nîr. One racial group of soldiers that spent a lot of time here were the Tragarans. By design, they were tested to see if they could survive in the jungle environment. They became known as the Tûrugul, a variant of the Tragaran stock, highly adapted to jungle conditions.

During the reign of the Reds of Kilth and then Varelay, this jungle served as a hideout for rebels. The Reds were never able to tame this area, while the demons of Varelay and their slave armies perished in great numbers trying to quell the insurgents. The jungle's malcontents of today, always looking over their shoulders, prey upon traffic moving between the three major settlements of the area, Tâchumâz along the bay, Mieldroon to the north, and Felak to the southeast.

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