Foundation Blocks

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BuiltDawn Era

Foundation Blocks are built into many worlds and moons of the Mortal Systems. They come in many sizes, some as big as a mountain range, others small enough to serve as a base for a small table. There shapes are just as varied, with patterned web-like grooves on spheres, blocks, mounds, or even a latticework spread across many miles. Scattered across an entire world, deep underground, buried in hills and mountains, at the bottom of a dreary bog, or serving as the center piece of a great fortification, these Foundation Blocks gird a world from a hungry Chaos.

Though not entirely understood, except by their makers, these blocks form a latticework of entropic energy that keeps Creation's spheres and orbs together. I like to say these Foundatin Blocks are akin to gravity, but with a physical presence. Shields for we petty mortals, against a raging Sea of Entropy at our gates.

- Artek Khane, 2nd Supernumerary of the Nil Koraaviik, from the first Stellar Debates - "Girded by Design"

With a stone-like texture, and giving off no trace of magic, most Foundation Blocks are difficult to find. Some, like Benevolences Crown, are so big they are regional landmarks. These areas can be quarried, but the problem is that the stone degrades with time. Meanwhile back at where it was quarried, regeneration begins, in time sealing up the mined passages. Nonethless, some go to great expense to get the stuff, using blocks of it to fortify an area from entropic influences.

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