Built9 Brighstar 1689

The Earth Callers are three colossal obelisks in the Karnegmoth region. These 1200' tall structures are comprised of rare earth and rock from the world Granitoid. At great loss of life, this stuff was reclaimed from the rivers of sand, rock, and mud coming out of the Togomud Sink. Scientists of Gebs Chosen, based out of Komatiite, built these devices. Working on knowledge learned at Lamprophyre, they sealed the structures together with special crystals found only in the bodies of Bimothak prisoners. This had the effect of creating something akin to a rift; and worse, undetectable by the Web's weave spiders.

Like bees around their honeycomb, earth elementals are attracted to these Earth Callers. Some believe this is because of the high levels of earth energy spilling off the obelisks; energy that allows earth elementals to recuperate much more quickly. Even so, Rilirthad has a lot of problems with these "lazy" elementals, shirking their duties, interested more in milling about the area than doing their duties for the empire.

The Earth Callers are magical devices with the ability to spew forth rivers of dark, thick mud. It pours out of the sides of the Earth Callers, ever so slowing filling the land around with earth. This mud is much thicker than what comes from the Togomud Sink. Over many centuries, the Earth Callers created the vast area known as the Granitoid Spill. They are one of the sources for the Brownlands and the Karnegmoth Cataclysm.

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