SmithUr'glûruk Agêrdul
EnchanterUr'glûruk Agêrdul

The Agêrdul is a semi-clear greenish crystal the size of a human head. It was created by a Lith-Crillion named Ur'glûruk Agêrdul. The purpose of the crystal was to capture the sentience of its holder upon death. When Ur'glûruk Agêrdul died, the crystal captured his soul and became a sentient item. It communicates in Nidurrâb. It can project an image of a ghostly Lith-Crillion that can manipulate small corporal objects within 20' of the crystal.

Long ago, a Khazarkar shaman by the name of Râphagad, explored the isle of Urutth'lê. On this island, he and his fellow adventurers discovered a small ancient ruin called Zôd'vîrmâb. One of the items taken from this place was a large crystal that radiated no magic, yet changed temperature and color in an empathic way. This crystal became known as the Agêrdul.

Over the next decade, this ancient relic taught him the Nidurrâb language, and other basic technologies that were several hundred years ahead of Khazarkar civilization. The shaman spread this knowledge to his tribe and then to the shaman leaders of others. In the Year 86, these shamans began the spread of Nidurrâb as a replacement for the Khazarkar's native language. Two centuries later, khazarkars were speaking Nidurrâb, their old language, now called Old Khazarkar was now nearly forgotten.

The Agêrdul became a holy relic of the khazarkars and continues to be one of the national treasures of the Khazarkar Empire. It is kept in Nibar-Pharân and publicly displayed on auspicious dates through-out the year.

In many early tribal histories, shamans served as leaders or advisors. For the khazarkars, they were sometimes revered. This long tradition of spirituality is one of the reasons why the khazarkars are so religious.

- Bal-Tûr, Burterinii historian, "Khazarkar Tribal Beginnings"