Clockwork Horror

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Clockwork Horrors, perhaps the first sentient constructs, are a product of the Lost Ages.

The stars, once anchors for worlds, was all that remained intact. The Clockwork, beings created for the sole purpose of tearing down entire worlds, billions of spiders at work, reduced advanced civilizations and entire worlds to their base parts. These vast debris fields coalesced at the heart of the universe, a Sea of Entropy.

- Halmar the Magnificent, late Horgon Era, from his Origin Theory - "Watchers for the Old Ones"

Primordials have long boasted they invented these dangerous things. Evidence has proven that the Clockwork Horrors were far too advanced for the time to be the work of the Covenant or their primordial foes.

Notable Clockwork Horrors
The Gold Spidercurrently with Trauma Squad
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