Braid of Rhynihx

Typebraid, whip

This whip was made by Lukoon as a gift for Rhynihx. At the time he gave it to her, she and Asmodeus were having a lover's quarrel, and when a jealous Asmodeus got wind of her receiving it he was not pleased. Rhynihx calmed him by, pulling what looked like a braid of her hair from her head. This braid then turned into a whip of barbs. Asmodeus then felt a field of energy pass through him leaving small electrical charges popping on any matter - living or inanimate. She then told him that the field is good at revealing things that don't want to be seen.

The Braid of Rhynihx is a +5 vile whip of strength sapping. It has a number of powers useful to those seeking to crush the will of their enemies.

Strength Sappingeach hit causes exhaustion to the victim unless a Fortitude DC19 (plus wielder's Will bonus) save is madecontinuous
Vile Touch deals an additional point of vile damage, double on a critical hit continuous
Rhynihx's Presence+10 to intimidate checkscontinuous
Reveal the Unseenrelease a field of static electricity in a 50' radius that shows the location of invisible things and creatures as if they were hiding instead of being invisible - all those actively looking gain +10 on spot checks5/day
Hidden in Plain Sightthe weapon can transform into a braid of hair and then magically attach to the owner's headcontinuous
Mind Probeas psionic power of the same name3/day
Resist Tamperingacts as a continuous Mind Trap against all psionic attackscontinuous