Battle of the Weathermaker's Embrace

Period7 Witchrite 1832
Griddrir VS Pillar of Horns

This battle took place in the skies during the Cinazan Front. The Pillar of Horns, captained by Raxcvillibus ran afoul of a massive magical cloud that pursued them, then overtook their vessel. Out of a cloud with very limited visibility, a product of the artifact Weathermaker, Griddrir's navy pounced on the Pillar of Horns. The lack of visibility made this a boarding battle with most of the fighting taking place on the Pillar's main deck.

Negral of the Pillar of Horns named this magical power the Weathermaker’s Embrace. He also named this battle after that cloud.

The Weathermaker’s Embrace was large enough to blanket the sky-island Gurnskolf. Those who called it forth from the Weathermaker made it long and snaky, capable of tracking a quarry. The cloud overtook the Pillar, allowing the ships under Otroki’s wife Fridi to sneak up on the Pillar undetected. Once they were alongside her, they commenced boarding. This included goblin paratroopers leaping in the direction of something they could not see, and giants rappelling down harpoon lines to the Pillar’s main deck. The cloud was so thick that many paratroopers were lost to smashing into the target or missing her entirely. The Pillar’s cannons had no clear shots in the cloud. Being a trained crew, they held their fire until they saw something. The fight came down to a battle on the Pillar’s main deck as cloud giants, storm giants, and goblins boarded the Pillar. On the enemy ship, the cloud was just as thick. Small fights broke out all over the deck, people ran through what seemed like a thick fog looking for a foe, tripping over bodies, or running into a group that outnumbered their own. Most of Otroki’s crew considered it a foolish attack, but not the leaders. These leaders were convinced by their hosts, a pair of Eldritch Conclave wizards, that the attack would be the first step in restoring Aslauthroa.

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