Master Death Ball

Master Death Ball
RaceBeholder (Elder)
TitleMaster of Midrurgrune
Alignmentlawful evil

Master Death Ball is the self-proclaimed ruler of Midrurgrune. In this storied citadel, Master Death Ball controls more than a dozen undead beholders and thousands of hobgoblins, gargoyles, lamia, and kobolds. So as not to draw the ire of the Orchish Empire, he limits the depredations of his minions.

Master Death Ball once served on the Court of One Hundred Eyes, and was a top advisor to Emperor Blac'Drugulois. During Blac'Drugulois reign, he fell out of favor and was sent to take command of Midrurgrune. In the Second Orchish Civil War, he tried to usurp the Orchish Empire. Failing, he returned to Midrurgrune.