RegionAerie of Dragons
RaceBlack Dragon
TitleLord of the Aerie
Alignmentchaotic evil
BirthplaceEmelach Sizaan
Born11 War March 91 HE
Died4 Bliss 863 HE

Emelach was a great black dragon of the Horgon Era. He held sway over all of the Aerie of Dragons for five centuries, demanding tribute from any settlement on the surface or above - like those of the God Steps.

When the Durkoth of the Spire of Neld-Rac came to Bal-Kriav (862 HE), they were in strength and in no mood to deal with what they defined as a speaking flying lizard. Their leader Neld-Rac went out to parley with the dragon at which he was met with a gout of dragon acid that dropped half of his guards. Neld-Rac teleported back into the Spire and prepared his people so that next time, they would meet the dragon by ruse instead of head-on combat. The next time Emelach came out, they put the place on full alert, masking troops in camouflaged holes around a pile of shiny baubles and coinage. Emelach took position under this pile of things that Emelach had demanded as tribute. The Spire's anchors - devices used to latch onto objects in the Void, were readied for use to fire upon the dragon's great bulk. Out of overconfidence, Emelach fell into a trap which had him grounded from the Spire's anchors and then assailed by a couple hundred Durkoth soldiers and Neld-Rac. Emelach was not killed, but bludgeoned into unconsciousness with enemy healers on hand to stabilize him after suffering a terrible beating. Emelach was taken inside the Spire and studied and experimented on by Neld-Rac and his staff of medical doctors.

Emelach was never heard from again. Some believe that whatever evil comes out of the Spire of Neld-Rac today, is the workings of an undead Emelach lurking in the Spire's medical labs.

Centuries later, one of the swamps that make-up Por Trumgol was named in honor of Emelach, called Emelach Sizaan.