Corps Of The Apocalypse

Apocalypse Knight and Mount
RegionLands of Purity
FounderCaptain Balaspuc
Established9 Bliss 1261

The Corps of the Apocalypse is one of the Orders of War that make-up the Council of Bile military. This order utilizes squads of fire lizards, fire newt and giant strider cavalry as auxiliary forces, and dragons. These dragons, purchased from Tîra-Phâth, or raised from birth to fight alongside their humanoid riders are the order's most feared element.

The Corps of the Apocalypse was named after the red dragon Apocalypse. In tribute to the might of this dragon, a colossal statue with a wingspan of 200' sits in the courtyard of Lirgad, the order's headquarters. The bloodline of Apocalypse lives on in the ranks of the Corps of the Apocalypse with their red dragon breeders.

The order shuns the Diiv Kiir. The order's scriptures expound the idea that dragons are pure, apex creatures, and that mixing their blood with humanoids results in impure and inferior creations.

In the Rerkvorg Pacification Campaign, the order gained great renown with tales of their bravery and heroism. When this long conflict ended, they and others, had secured Rerkvorg for the Council of Bile. The new headquarters of the Corps became Lirgad. This great bastion was built at the head of the valley to maintain watch over the mountains and its barbarian hordes.