Soti Aldi Gem-Crusher

Typeship engine
Cost70,000 GP

Soti Aldi, which loosely translates to Gem-Cruncher, are engines used to power skyships. Inside these engines is an imprisoned air elemental. It is the source of power for the engine, giving its flight power to the ship around it. Requiring air to operate, sucking in air and pushing out for movement, gem-crushers cannot be used in the Void.

The captain of the ship waves a signal to Otroki's flagship that is all well, but that's clearly not true. A hole suddenly appears in back of the Nautrek, followed by a whirlwind of air and debris. It looks like a twenty-foot-long tornado, moving with purpose. Fridi shakes her head, knowing that the tornado is the air elemental that powered the Nautrek's Gem Crusher engine. Its engine housing has been breached by a cannonball. She watches as the Nautrek's power source, tasting freedom, flies off into the skies, leaving the ship powerless and falling.

- from the Godspawn Saga

The city-state Griddrir invented these engines. They are also the only one's that can build them. This comes from an ancient pact between the Heinjar Sorgny and Chaos's air elementals.

They're fueled by gems, food for each engine's imprisoned air elemental. This creature is ignorant of its situation, either due to powerful charms or psychic surgery; all they know is to eat and follow commands like Increase Wind, Stop Wind, and so on.

- from the Godspawn Saga