Arcane Crevasse
CategoryGeographic Area
LocationForbidden Sea

Cubewrack is a large area of arcane concentration that extends across the entire eastern seaboard of Ice Cap. It is where magical energies from the Cube of Arcane turn ocean water and moisture into a glacial flow that extends east to west, from Sirknarri, across Kindarum and Fjorvir, and into Aettein.

Cubewrack is strafed with blue-white ice. It is more concentrated here than other areas of Ice Cap. It also has deep eerie glowing crevasses. The arcane emanations of these areas permeate everything, resulting in a boon for any use arcane magic in the area. This results in the caster gaining the effects of both a Zone of Great Magic and Extended Duration. There is no defined area of Cubewrack with it fluctuating westerly between twenty and one hundred miles at any given moment. This area also hums with magical energy and in so strong magically that it can break magical holds, charms, paralysis, prisons, and similar magic as if it was being dispelled by a level 25 caster. This is a continuous effect. Some have use it to break such effects on their comrades or to release a captive from bottles of entrapment or other magical prisoners. Those that have went here say that is very dangerous to take things that have extra-dimensional spaces. This is because they are often ruptured by the Cube's energies resulting in a magical whirlpool that draws the feeble into the Web of Magic where they are lost forever - unless they are one with some mode of teleport.