Belt of Heads


After the Maeraddyth Brigade assaulted Hezxis's palace on Nasudex, evidence was gathered for use in demoralizing the demon forces besieging another great bastion, in a far away system. The head of the slain demon lord Hezxis, was attached to a magical belt, whereupon it shrunk down to miniature size. It was hastily taken back to the rift and then displayed upon Liamenor's wrecked battlements. This so demoralized the besieging army that chaos ensued, with most hurrying back to their rift and home. At the same time, on foot, the Maeraddyth Brigade hurried back to the rift from the other direction. They never made it. Many years after this, General Maeraddyth, having been captured by the demons and turned into an Orc, returned to Liamenor and found the forgotten belt. After putting the item on, he felt the vigor of youth, and was to learn in the years to come that he no longer aged. Over the many centuries that followed, nine more heads were added to the belt, with the crowning noggin being the head of the goblin god Maglubiyet.

The Belt of Heads is thought to have other powers, with each head giving the belt some power or trait. It is said that when a head is removed from the belt, it turns to dust, making it impossible, even for Higher Powers, of bringing the person back.

Immortalitywearer does not agecontinuous