Copper Flow

RegionNorthern Hordelands

Copper Flow is a rugged valley cutting through the Kanorthak mountains. Near the center of the valley are the skull-encrusted walls of Broken Teeth.

Copper Flow was named for its seemingly endless veins of copper ore. The stuff use to be so prevalent that it could be picked off the ground, out of streams, or shallow digs. Nowadays, the copper ore is mostly found in the valley's mines. There are a nearly a hundred such mines, with many still operational. When the Drugnod Dynasty came to power, the mines were state controlled to limit production. This was mainly done to control supply and stop corruption. This policy has been pretty much unchanged since it was initiated. The massive copper reserves in Broken Teeth are such that copper is used in decorative ways all over the city.

Copper Flow is a windy place in the fall and winter. These south flowing winds are called the Steppe Winds. In the other seasons, the valley gets an odd zephyr from the southern mouth of the valley. This north blowing wind is the Copper Breeze. This light wind is a a product of a perpetual tempest of the Northern Hordelands called the Primordial Storm.

Notable Areas