Siege of Erchinor

Period9 Lunar 1830 - 14 Lunar 1830
Flux Pact VS
Khazarkar Empire

On 9 Lunar 1830, the Flux Pact attacked Erchinor. This only city of the Khazarkar vassal state Gilraen , was a pitiful display of defense and lacking in heroism. The Khazarkar Empire sent 20,000 troops to help defend the city, but they were of little help against the overwhelming fire-power brought against the city. During the siege, it was a common sight to see the sky blackened with giant-sized boulders. This city fell in five days and then suffered the effects of Chaos, becoming a chaos ruin. The destruction of the city and the massive slaughter of the elven population brought an end to the Gilraen.