Sakamâns Kiss

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Sakamâns Kiss is a type of mace invented by the Lith-Crillion. It is not a unique item, for The Pure made them in numbers with each psionic practitioner of 10th level or higher receiving one. The making of the item requires brain fluid from a thought slayer. These terrors feed on the psychic energy of others, so taking one on or even finding them was best undertaken by a team. In the Lith-Crillion Era, the best places to go looking for thought slayers was in areas of past psychic turmoil. These tended to be in old demon ruins once used for torture and other heinous deeds in the Demon Spawn War and one or two places of primordial mayhem from the Creation War. Once in one of these areas, it wasn't long before something came along - be it thought slayer, intellect devourer, telek stalker or some other psionic predator. Sakamân is a Lith-Crillion word that translates to "thought slayer". Of the psionic predators, the Sakamân were the most feared largely because of their dreaded mind-consuming gaze.

The Lith-Crillion found that no metal could hold the enchantment using Sakamân brain fluid so they spent almost a decade improving blutium. The first Sakamâns Kiss was also the first weapon to be made of high alloy blutium.

A Sakamâns Kiss is a psychic mindcrusher mace. As a psychic weapon, its enchantment varies based on the power point reserve of the wielder.

Mind Crushing as mindcrusher continuous
Psychic as psychic continuous
Sakamân Shift as psionic teleport2/day
To Me as baleful teleport, but brining the target next to the wielder1/day
Purify Minds as null psionics field1/week
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