Wand of Orcus

Typeartifact, legendary

The Wand of Orcus is an extremely powerful weapon owned by Orcus. The two most important things that give it power are the head of angel and the spine of a powerful demon.

On 9 Temporal 8635 DE, Orcus slew his father Gabin Kûn. He then removed part of his father's spine, using it as the starting point for a great weapon.

In the last battle of the Hoof Front (9245 GE - 9262 GE), Orcus and an elite group of maralith captured one of the three top generals serving under Asmodeus. When the gates of Ghak were breached, Orcus personally decapitated general Ellumâ Orrasar, taking his head back to Naratyr. This head became the skull that sits atop the Wand of Orcus.