Gestosu Chain

Typechain mail

Gestosu is a cursed land of Padimza. In the Horgon Era, Demacian shamans used magic to entwine the essence of Shou spirits into their armor. This practice of spoiling spirits and tying them down, instead of letting them wander free, was an affront to the Shou. It gave rise to a great enmity between the two peoples that has never ended. It led to the defilement of the area Gestosu and the creation of powerful undead whenever someone wearing Gestosu Chain dies.

The links are a maze for the spirit, its flight to escape powering it in some fell way. It is a prison for a Shou ancestor that would otherwise be free to wander and guide the living.

- Gitel Huekil, from the book Dead Ancestors of Gestosu - "Fell Chain"

Gestosu Chain is +3 chain mail. It can be of higher enchantment, but anything less than +3 magic is not strong enough to contain the spirit.

Spirit Sightcan see through normal and magical darkness to 150'continuous
Spirt Armor+2 Fortitudecontinuous
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