Aggorath Spittle

Typehighly flammable oil
Cost4 GP / gallon

This sticky clear liquid, the bile of Aggorath along with other chemicals, is half as viscous as water. When ignited it burns like oil, has triple the burn time, and causing double the damage of normal fire. It is very difficult to remove, requires double the efforts to put the fire out.

Aggorath Spittle is not made from the bile of Aggorath, though it has been sold as such to ignorant merchants. It is a natural element found mostly in areas of the Aerie of Dragons. In the swamps of Por Trumgol, it bubbles up from the depths and then floats on the water. It is noticeable for its oiliness and sweet odor. It was first used the First Burn (1216 HE - 1225 HE), with Zeymah'kein using it against the soldiers and ships of the Mir'piamauza.