Yennog Savage

CategoryClass Tactics
Typeclass tactic

Yennog Savage gets its name from the warrior training at Yennog. At this ancient gnoll bastion, they teach warriors to inflict massive damage over accuracy. From the gnolls, this class tactic spread to the Theegans and the goliath and from them outward across the lands.

Power Attackfeatsubtract from your to-hit and add to your damage, but not to exceed your base attack bonus, when going coup-de-grace the power attack should be maximized since the to-hit is automatic, when attacking low armor classes, forgo to-hit for a quicker kill
Improved Criticalfeatcritical threat range is doubled
Weapon Focusfeat+1 on attack with selected weapon type
Power Criticalfeat+4 on confirm critical with selected weapon type
Yennog Savagesynergygain Improved Toughness as a free feat
Greatsword Threat Range
ModifierThreat ModifierCumulative Threat Range
greatsword weapon type19-20/x219-20/x2
Improved Critical featdouble threat range18-20/x2
Power Critical feat+4 on confirm critical rollas above with a 14 or more required on the confirm critical
The above table can be used for any other weapons with a base threat range (designated as Critical in the Players Handbook - Table 7-4) of 19-20.