Melriths Hunger Erassil

Melriths Hunger
RegionHigh Wood Country
MapMelriths Hunger Desert

Melriths Hunger is a desert in the northern parts of the High Wood Country. It is a vast area devoid of Nature Energy; meaning plants cannot long survive here. It wasn't always like this. Before it was known as Melriths Hunger, it was the forest Erassil. Near the start of the Lith-Crillion Era, it became a battleground for the forces of nature and those of decay. This was a very low-level conflict, with no large forces battling it out. It was plants powered by a mix of evil energy and nature energy, what is now widely known as Dark Nature Energy, and normal plants. This conflict spread from the plants to the insects then into the forest's fey. Though never proven, some say Melrith, the Mistress of Decay was behind all this, turning a forest into a desert. The Einglach, enemies to Melrith and her followers, were the one's who coined the term Melriths Hunger for this new desert.

With dwindling nature energy, the Erassil Forest became the desert Melriths Hunger. With scarce nature energy to feed upon, evil fey and low-level sentient plant-life, all powered by dark nature energy moved on to better hunting grounds. Many of them went south into the Emeldimir Valley. Coupled with those spreading outwards and upwards from the Lightless Cyst, they would help turn Emeldimir's three forests into places of Dark Nature.

Today, Melriths Hunger has only traces of Dark Nature Energy. It is enough that the sprouting of seeds only last a few weeks before their nature energy is devoured. Even druidic spells like plant growth fail to make a lasting hold. Yet as they say, nature finds a way. Around the desert's crags and windswept hills grows a brown grass that is very good for making straight blades. This grass, called Decaying Fescue, is powered by both Nature and Dark Nature energies.

At a low level, Decaying Fescue is a coexistence of two anti-thesis energies. It could have been the start of the condition of Emeldimir. Three forests, each patched with stretches of verdant growth, yet surrounded by a sea of decay. It is like the forest is being managed. The fey keep enough alive so that it does not become another Melriths Hunger.

- Alloth Fingwell, satyr ranger before the Einglach Board of Inquiry - "Fauna Survey"