Melriths Hunger Erassil

Melriths Hunger
RegionGreat Expanse, High Wood Country
MapMelriths Hunger

Before it was known as Melriths Hunger, it was the forest Erassil. Near the start of the Lith-Crillion Era, it became a battleground for the forces of nature and those of decay. It began as a low-level conflict, where plants powered by dark nature energy fed upon those powered by its opposite, nature energy. By 200 LE, this conflict of plants turning nature energy into dark nature energy had spread to insects, then the forest's fey. Though never proven, some say Melrith, the Mistress of Decay was behind all this, turning a forest into a desert.

The Einglach, enemies to Melrith and her followers, were the one's who coined the term Melriths Hunger for the forest turned desert. Close to the tainted landscape, "cursed by a petty god", the Einglach say with scarce nature energy to feed upon, those powered by dark nature moved to the edges, expanding the hungry desert each passing year.

The desert edges of this area are dotted with camps, towers and some forts, garrisons and homes of those battling the spread of Melriths Hunger. They are druids, minions of Silvanus, rangers, and others on missions to stop the perversion of Nature.

Today, Melriths Hunger has only traces of Dark Nature Energy; enough that the sprouting of seeds only last a few weeks before having their nature energy consumed. Even druidic spells like plant growth fail to make a lasting hold. Around the desert's crags and windswept hills grows a brown grass that is very good for making straight blades. Named Decaying Fescue, unique to Melriths Hunger, it is the joining of nature energy and its opposite.

Notable Resources