RegionLands of Purity

Taraspuc is a smooth and in some places glassy, mountain pass of northern Urkthal. The area gained famed in the Horgon Era. In the Year 1180 HE, sensing death and not wanting to be despoiled by a people that hated him, the black dragon Ikhenholmbrac flew east. Passing the Urkthal mountains, in one last display of great power, legends say Ikhenholmbrac spewed so much acid that the long hated and treacherous Taraspuc Pass became so smooth that carts could move unhindered. Enough information has been found since that time, that the story is much more involved, with Hazar√Ęph's naga behind a campaign to improve Ikhenholmbrac's image. They spread the tale of what happened at Taraspuc, and hoping to keep their privileges, they claimed that Ikhenholmbrac would be back.