RegionHigh Wood Country

On the far northwestern flank of the Gakhs mountain range are the Rulamirnur hills. This area separates the Taurion valley to the east from the Faehion forest to the west. Rulamirnur has rich volcanic soil and often a healthy covering of ash thanks to Taurion's active volcano Gunar-Mizig.

Rulamirnur's hills are dotted with both active and expended iron, silver, and copper mines. Numerous goblins and kobolds dwell in the area, with Spirachiln claiming the area home to a population of more than 50,000. Rulamirnur and the two valleys on its flanks have a long and bloody history among its own tribal elements and with their dwarven neighbors south of the Gakhs and their elven ones on the other side of Thundrin bay. There have been wars instigated in this area by both the Spirachiln, the northern neighbor, and the Daklode, the southern neighbor. These have been perpetuated to destabilize internal elements or the Daklode working against the Spirachiln or vice-versa. By the Third Epoch, interest in seizing the area for national interests had largely disappeared. The reason for this is that both sides see the value in having the goblins and kobolds between them rather than sharing an open border.

The hills are generally rolling with high jagged mounds of earth and lava stone. These loftier hills often serve as the site of a goblin watch tower, kobold castle, or mixed humanoid race village or town.