RegionIce Cap

Garbog is a nightmarish swamp south of Rumak. It came about with the construction of great dams, splitting and slowing the River of Jhernarth. In the Lith-Crillion Era, lack of maintenance and mischief led to a build-up of river sediment, creating vast mudflats turning to shallow lakes in heavy rains and seasonal floods.

Garbog is home to abyssal cows called Hengihr. Dangerous, yet hunted for their milk and hides, they came to this area from a conjuration gone bad.

Hengihr flesh is too distasteful even for trolls, yet strangely their milk is very good. The goblins of Nemebhox refine it, making a potent and tasty drink called Orulûns Brew.

- Ninamadyan, of the Guilson Explorers - "Aettein Survey"

In the Nalbirag Gold War (1317 - 1324), the wizard Râlê accidentally brought the Hengihr to an area north of Garbog. While trying to summon in help from the Abyss, Râlê's spell was interrupted by a gang of Uromon assassins. Instead of the summoning a group of dretch, a stampeding herd of foul-smelling abyssal cows charged through the rift. They ran amok in the halls of Haag-Bre, smashing through walls and doors, and leaving a stench so foul that attackers and defender fell over retching. Dozens of Hengihr escaped Haag-Bre, heading south to Garbog and to other marshy lands further south and along the Jhernarth.