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Garbog is a nightmarish swamp of western Aettein. From north to south, it is split by the great river Jhernarth. This river is wide in this area, three to seven miles across. The dangers are many for passing ships with gators, serpents, and sometimes dragons. The latter are usually the easier to deal with, since they usually toll the passing ship.

After Hleittil became known as Flux, the natives of the swamp had to deal with the stuff crawling and slithering out of lands now Chaos Infused.

Garbog is home to another oddity. Across the swamp's muddy tracts are large Hengihr herds. These cows, native to the Abyss in the billions, subsist on carrion and decaying plants. In Garbog, they number in the thousands. They are frequently hunted for their hide, with most considering their meat too distasteful and sickening. They were named Hengihr for the region Hengihros where they were once penned. Corrupted by the same energies that damned the Abyss, the meat that was supposed to feed the vast armies of Orcus went foul.

Hengihr flesh is too distasteful for even the trolls, yet strangely enough their milk is very good. This milk is also a mild alcohol. The goblins of Nemebhox refine it, producing a potent and tasty drink they call Orulûns Brew.

- Ninamadyan, of the Guilson Explorers - "Aettein Survey"

Garbog's cows are similar to stench cows, appearing and acting much like their namesakes, yet having a more unusual build. In the Nalbirag Gold War, the wizard Râlê accidentally brought these creatures to this world. This happened during a gate spell, during which he was attacked by a group of Uromon assassins, and instead of the wizard summoning a group of dretches, a stampeding herd of abyssal cows charged through the rift. The creatures ran amok through the fortress of Haag-Bre, smashing through walls and doors, giving off such a raucous smell that defenders fell over retching or choked on their own fluids. Even in death, the putrefying corpses of the abyssal cows drove the residents from the fortress. Hundreds of the beasts escaped from the place, and multiplied quickly. They now roam Garbog in the thousands and have even moved on to other areas of northern Brucrumus.