Nuulwrath - Skycius
RegionNorthern Hordelands

Nuulwrath is a volcanic wasteland overlooking the bay of Tarag-Khâlu. Before the Pit of the Light Reaper was opened, the volcano Tyf Badikar was much more active than today; each eruption expanding the wastes at the expense of the nearby bay.

Home to a great variety of terrors, the more common are mindless undead. The work of Phanaca's necromancers, they are left to roam the wastes, ultimately destroyed by the region's volcanic releases, or more powerful brutes like basilisk, chimera, and manticore.

The more organized dangers of Nuulwrath are its magmin and fire elementals. These fiery creatures normally answer to one of Tyf Badikar's petty satraps.

One of the more notable areas of Nuulwrath is Phanaca, fortress abode of the Vulon Viing.

Notable Areas