Malêth Sônê

CategoryStrongholds (Schools)
OwnerPhîn Râlda
Built22 Witchrite 397

Malêth Sônê is a bardic academy in the Damreth mountains. It was founded on 22 Witchrite 397 by a Forstneblin named Phîn Râlda. This eccentric fellow learned his mysterious ways of using sound from the sand giant ruin Eydreid. When he took this new way of using instruments and song to the bardic college Astangul, several of the listeners were deafened and one was knocked unconscious. Phîn Râlda was kicked out of the college and became a laughing-stock of the town. He journeyed far north, becoming a hermit of one of Damreth's numerous cave systems. He used what became know as the Sônê against beasts, humanoids and monsters. In time, gnolls, Ânul mongrelfolk, Herfarel elves, and halflings from places like Maurkac journeyed to meet this master. The mountain redoubt and school of Phîn Râlda became known as Malêth Sônê. Phîn Râlda, now over 1,500 years old, still teaches here. Legend has it that Phîn Râlda's prolonged life is attributed to consumption of waters from the Stream of Immortality.

Today, Gradorian, Tragarans, Githirmil, Khazarkars and many other races come to Malêth Sônê for study. The enrollment in Malêth Sônê is small. This is due to the nature of the Sônê. Practicioners can produce a reverberating, deafening and even destructive sound. An in-experienced bard using the Sônê can cause serious harm to his listeners, as experienced by the masters at Astangul.