Lemur Spire

RegionHigh Wood Country

Lemur Spire is a mountain in the easternmost edge of the Gakhs mountain range. One of the most notable areas of Lemur Spire is inside it. This area is the fortified complex Hlogiannuc, which serves as the the headquarters for Vith Alok cell Gosvah Nahkrop. Beneath Hlogiannuc are numerous labyrinths and passages leading to the bowels of the Underdark region Menortamon. The cultists have a long-standing alliance with the drow of Urthin-Mejin. As a result, the drow have a dozen or so outposts throughout the Spire. The evil-natured folk of Lemur Spire usually work together when combating the Angrods, even sometimes helping their on-and-off enemies at Rumaktharga.

Notable Areas
  • Hlogiannuc - headquarters of Gosvah Nahkrop