Frinnir Idân

Frinnir - Darmaer

CategoryValleys (Chaos Ruin)

On Khazarkar maps, this valley north of Erchinor is called the Idân. It still known to most as Frinnir, named thus by the giants of Gadstill Dynasty. Seeing the valley's out-of-place bluish glacier, like those of Ice Cap, they named the area after a land-hungry general that once served under Thyrm.

Frinnir is sited between the Core Sea and the Steirgar Mountains. With run-off from its glacier and the peaks, the valley is cut with hundreds of streams. It is because of these water crossings and the ruggedness of the area that most take to the Core Sea for travel and commerce.

In the Cinazan Front, a major battle was fought here between the Khazarkar Empire and the Flux Pact. The prolonged presence of the Horde of Chaos changed the land. Warped by entropic energies, it became a Chaos Ruin. Hills are misshaped, boulders are twisted into unnatural shapes and some streams are discolored or smoke with a putrid or pleasing odor.