Raging War Treant
RegionHigh Wood Country

Daeron is an evergreen forest in southeastern Voternil. It was a relatively normal forest until the Second Pick War. This conflict between Daklode and Spirachiln was most heavy in this forest. Dakolode sought to secure the Daeron forest and cut-off supplies moving to Spirachiln from RĂºmil. The conflict lasted long here, almost 15 years, leading to the construction of numerous fortifications, watch towers, keeps, and fortresses. Certain extremist groups on both sides turned to using fey creatures from Einreth as soldiers. They experimented on these fey so as to control them and bolster there destructive capacity in battle. Nobody is sure who first started doing this, but once one side had something like a raging war treant or archer bush that fired poisonous barbs, the other side followed suit. When the Second Pick War ended, these extremist elves and dwarves continued to fight it out. Both Daklode and Spirachiln have been caught funding the research of these groups to their ambassador's embarrassment. Neither side takes much action though because Daeron is seen as an area to send extremist elements of their respective societies. There they can fight it out instead of having them draw Daklode and Spirachiln into another Pick War.

The troublesome creatures of Daeron often serve as prey for giant eagles, owlbears, and packs of blink dogs. Some of these creatures are tamed by the Spirachiln military and begin their training in military camps on the Marwing border; a lowland forest northeast of Daeron and on the northern side of the river Cuilemo.