Aculeate Hive Swarm
CategoryCrack Units
non-sentient insect swarms95%
sentient insects5%

Aculeate was an army of insects formed from the merging of many Hive Swarms. It comprised all types of insects - fliers, hoppers, and crawling types. They were are of the stinging variety, technically called aculeates. The mobility and offensive power of Aculeate made it one of the most dangerous forces ever faced by the peoples of Gulimbor and Azrik. In the Locust Encroachment (1412 - 1694), the swarm suffered devastating losses from the Sonic Horns - better known among the minotaurs as the Bug Obliterators. Aculeate made forays into Gulimbor, possibly seeking a way around the disruptive sound waves of the Bug Obliterators. As a result, many died from starvation or were lost in the highlands of Siganbul.

In the conflict, aerial reconnaissance undertaken by the Cloud Guard recorded Aculeate fliers emerging from the ancient ruin Seirsteutu with large eggs. This movement of eggs from the ruins went on for several months, and then abruptly ended. Several months later, a more intelligent species of Aculeate appeared on the borders of Ba'lith. The most frightening aspect of these insects were their humanoid-like heads.