Amrê Vald Fallaug

AliasVald Fallaug

Amrê is a ridge in the northern part of sector Melvad. At its peak, it towers three thousand feet over the verdant Sahânzar valley. The stone giants that built Garaldrarg called this ridge Vald Fallaug; Giant words for "Sea Wall". This name would seem strange, but until the end of the First Epoch, what is now called Sahânzar, was the seabed of the Nermanis Sea. In 920, fresh waters of this sea began draining into the Underdark. The was brought on by the Onyx Enmity War (915 - 920), a conflict in the Underdark that turned a sea wall into a towering cliff looming over a verdant and lush valley.

In the Second Epoch, the Khazarkar Empire pushed into Cinazan's sector Melvad. What up until that time was called Vald Fallaug, became the natural northern border between the Khazarkar settlers and the large numbers of giants living across Eylami, Kerthjorg, and areas between. Until the Khazarkar holds got bigger and transportation improved, the giants often made easy sport of Khazarkar holdings, raiding and plundering as if the glory days of Aslauthroa were once again upon them. As the Khazarkar might expanded, they gained control of areas north of what they were now calling Amrê. This name change was standard practice of the Khazarkar Empire, they rename it to express their view of their cultural superiority over those around them.

Notable Areas