BuilderDregriel Sturn, Ilôthawar
OwnerIvory Asylum

The Phamilgûn class of ships are submersibles. They are constructed from the husks of dragon turtles. The work in building one is a joint collaboration between the shipping company Dregriel Sturn and Ilôthawar's arcanists. Ora Tubruš, Ivory Asylum's ocean navy, has exclusive contract for these ships.

Dragon turtles are either found on the shores, where they beach themselves before death by natural causes, or slain in combat. When they sink into the cold embrace of the ocean depths, we employ aquatic races to bring them up. The inside of the shell and head of the creature is hollowed out at the shipyards. The interior and exterior is reinforced with timber. The head of the dead beast is straightened and outfitted with a ram.

- Miruš, elderaunt engineer of Dregriel Sturn - "Making a Phamilgûn"

Phamilgûns are mainly used for shore patrols and harbor defense. They are slow and cumbersome, making their use in open seas dangerous and of little value versus fast moving ships. They are sometimes towed to enemy shores and used for sabotage, espionage, and ambushes.

Hit Points200
AC 16 (+10 natural, -4 size)
Speed2 MPH/surface, 4 MPH/submerged
Size30' diameter shell
Enginemagic - cast at 12th level
Crew8 medium-sized creatures
Marines20 medium-sized creatures
Maximum Depth200'
Ram Typelight galley
Cost40,000 GP