Sathubas Waterworks Project

Aboleth and Enslaved Minions
RegionImgangreth, Sathubas
PeriodLith-Crillion Era

The Sathubas Waterworks Project was an idea so grand in scope that only the extremely long-lived would ever bother with. The aboleth, beings of such longevity that you would think they were immortal, were behind this great project. The idea was to raise the water table of the Sathubas region, thereby expanding the living space of the region's three aboleth city-states. Ophudehk's planners did much of the initial study, determining that their city-state would reach its maximum population in 1480 LE with a 1.75 deviation. The other aboleth city-states of Sathubas would have more time, another century for Fihrmorta and two for the smallest of the region's aboleth city-states.

Secretly as they could, they began redirecting water from the region Imgangreth downward to Sathubas. This was done with precision, such that drain holes would not expand too rapidly with erosion. The aboleth did not want to be drawn into conflicts with those above them. Outright messing with another's water supply would lead to a conflict; and for their enemies easy to plug from above. As a result of these concerns to stay at peace with the peoples in region above them, they went to great efforts employing magic and hiring miners, for the most part keeping the water siphoning of little concern.

The Sathubas Waterworks Project was very successful. It turned much of the Sathubas region into water-filled passages, ponds became lakes and lakes became seas. This was a boon for the aboleth, but a death sentence for their rival city-states, their "feeder cities" of the region.

The aboleth named the water siphons Vectors followed by a code indicating the sectors it connected, and then a number for unique identification. Examples of these are Vector KU-1, which links sectors Kazgon and Urgakh and Vector GG-4 which links Garathral and Gúrz.