Eagle Fang

CategoryRanged Weapons
Typepsionic sniper rifle
Cost75,000 GP

Eagle Fang is a premier long-range sniping weapon. They are developed by the ballistic research division of the Phald Kura. An Eagle Fang has the shape of a musket, yet is much slender and lighter. It also mounts a scope which is actually a magical attachment that works as the magic item Eyes of the Eagle. The projectiles shot from the Eagle Fang are propelled by psionic force rather gunpowder.

In the hands of a trained user (one with exotic weapon proficiency) the wielder can make an assassination attempt (equal to an Assassin's Death Attack, but with a Fortitude DC20). The base damage of the weapon is 1-6. It has no plus enchantment, yet the weapon's chances to-hit can be greatly enhanced by using the power Psychic Guidance.

Viper One, head Slayer and member of the Council of Entrieda, is said to have walked into a powerfully warded palace with such protections as saranite, lead, alarm spells, and the like, and disguised himself as a guard. He concealed an Eagle Fang under the transparency psionic power, darted into the shadows, released the transparency, coated the psychic guidance round with poison, controlled sound so that only canines could possibly hear the fired shot, raised the transparency psionic power, and quickly left the scene of confusion. We still wonder if death occurred from a shot through the eye at 300 feet or was it the death poison.

- unknown, excerpt from the book - "Legends of the Sanguine Whispers"

Zoom In when looking through the scope, it has the properties of the magic item Eyes of the Eaglecontinuous
Precision threat range of 15+, x4 on a critical hitcontinuous
Power Points 40continuous
Psionic Guidance adds +1 to hit per power point spent (max +10)power points
Dead Quiet as psionic power Control Soundpower points
Blend In as psionic power Chameleonpower points
Quiet Mind as psionic power Conceal Thoughtspower points
Bullseye range assassination attempt (equal to an Assassin's Death Attack, but with a Fortitude DC20)10 power points