Old Gray Mane

Alignmentlawful neutral
DeityAsmodeus, Poseidon
Born26 Bloom 1790 (age: 62, 20 years unnatural)

Old Gray Mane used to be a pirate. He is older than his birth age by twenty years. His unnatural aging a product of a run-in with one of the ghost ships that prowl Necrocrypt's coasts. His unnatural aging came from seeing the ghosts aboard a death ship. After this incident, he decided to give up pirating, joining Ba'lith's navy with the hopes of getting some desk job. This was not to be, he was notorious for being able to get out of the stickiest of situations, some even calling him a Child of Poseidon. Instead of a desk job, this seasoned sailor was sent over to learn something new to him - how to pilot a voidship in the air and in the dark reaches of space.

Old Gray Mane is the pilot of the Pillar of Horns. He is risk adverse, often wondering why his captain Raxcvillibus takes risks with a ship that he considers "his baby".