RaceTragaran (Death Knight)
Alignmentlawful evil
Undead25 Temporal 1465
Died7 Witchrite 1832

Kuralda went to join the Lix Tetrax in 1465. A month after joining, he was turned into a death knight minion of the hell knight Raxcvillibus.

The Pillar's captain of marines, a dead man with far less emotion than his ship's captain, looks over the battle area and the literal fog of war covering it. His normal vision, comparable to that of a living Tragaran, is greatly impaired by the unnatural cloud enveloping the ship. Subconsciously, his vision switches to thermal, so that he sees the heat signatures of the living things running about the ship. He briefly looks down the scope of his weapon, adjusting it two ticks with a dull gray hand, absent of heat. Cracked lips open; the sound of old leather creaking comes from a facial expression turned wicked.

- from the Godspawn Saga

He died in the Battle of the Weathermaker's Embrace, serving aboard the Pillar of Horns. When he was "alive", he had deep purple eyes, which burned with an internal fire four centuries old.

Kuralda eyes his captain leaving the Pillar. Like him, he has the blood of innocents on his hands, but isn't apologetic, believing that sometimes such is necessary in warfare. His methods can be dark, downright evil; and like Rax, he's not above performing a dastardly deed for a greater cause. He just isn't sure about the captain's reasons for being here.

Becoming a servant of Chaos is everything Rax is against, yet here we are, taking a job from a champion of Chaos, who's probably in league with some primordial seeking to return to this realm and finish what their kind failed to do in the Creation War.

- from the Godspawn Saga

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