Tiyalix Helm

ForgeTas'dvr Mout Foundry
SmithRaxcvillibus Dumu-loc
LocationPillar of Horns

Her assailant's face is lifeless behind a great, ornate helm shaped to look like two fighting succubi. The helm's plume, half gold and half black, is made from the hair of two such demons. She doesn't know it, but this helm is treasured by Kuralda, the lifeless man who wears it. It's the only gift his master ever gave him, save for of the gift of undeath. His master and creator, Rax, one told him the story behind the helm: "The fighting succubi represent the Tiyalix Twins, two wily succubi sent to charm me. Once they got in good, they were to try and take me out. I outwitted the both of them, pitting them against each other."

- from the Godspawn Saga