Lúthil Arcana Deal

start of the Verdigris Tsunami spell
RegionIce Cap
Period104 HE - 132 HE

The Lúthil Arcana Deal was an agreement made between the kriavian elf leaders of Lúthil and the god Arcana. In exchange for giving up some of their more potent healing magic, Arcana would give them vague information on the location of secret caches of ancient arcane and druidic magic. Arcana promised them that such caches would lead to a great advancement in the study of magic for them and others.

When at times they seemed to be on the brink of defeat, a break-through would occur in halls of Guinedhel, a new spell would be learned from some ancient text or created by one Guinedhel's researchers. This new spell would either halt the advance or turn back the assault of their enemies. The spells that came out of Guinedhel forestalled the advance of Saer Erkjorg for nearly three decades. When the Thraedli turned to toxic gases and disease for breakthroughs, the arcane and druidic spells of Guinedhel were not what was needed. The defenders of Lúthil needed potent healing magic. The sort of healing spells they needed were not available to them because of a deal they made with Arcana.

In exchange for hints of the whereabouts of ancient caches of magic from the Dawn Era and God Era, they would have to give up their most potent healing magic. The things explorers found in the hidden caches were scrolls, tomes, and magic items left over from before the Lith-Crillion Era - magic that had not been forgotten, only kept out of mortal hands until it was found. Arcana speeded up the access to such magic with the Lúthil Arcana Deal. When the 20 year pact ended between Arcana and the people of Lúthil, the healing arts above the Fifth Echelon were returned, but by then the giant hordes of Saer Erkjorg were catapulting and hurling pots of foul ichor, disease-ridden corpses, and other toxic projectiles into the city.

Lúthil fell, the elves fled south, Saer Erkjorg were entering a decline, and arcane and druidic magic were greatly advanced, all because of this deal between mortals and the god Arcana. We can only speculate as to what Arcana got out of this deal.

- Eingoth Ramdûr, of the Neetch Institute - "Lúthil Arcana Deal"

A number of new spells were learned and re-discovered during this deal with Arcana and the wizards and druid hierophants of Guinedhel. These spells did not remain exclusive to the defenders of Lúthil. This was because the enemy, the eldritch giants of Saer Erkjorg, were themselves highly skilled in the arcane. This learning came from Lith-Crillion tutelage in the arcane, and subsequent sacking of Miradalêth.

This incomplete list shows the new spells that came about or were re-discovered as a result of the arcane and druidic researchers at Guinedhel.

Arcane and Druidic Spells of the Lúthil Arcana Deal
Verdigrisre-discovered107 HEfirst invented by Silvanus
Wall of Ironnew spell109 HEadvancement to the Wall of Stone spell
Verdigris Tsunamire-discovered112 HEfirst invented by Silvanus
Creeping Doomnew spell114 HEadvancement to the Insect Plague spell
Wind Wallnew spell117 HEadvancement to the Gust of Wind spell
Permanencyre-discovered118 HEplundered from Kodgroar
Seed: Transportre-discovered121 HEfound in the waters of Karni-Kar