Smickers Fjord

Smickers Fjord
LocationBuccaneer Archipelago

Smickers Fjord is a deep channel between the islands Hînad-Hloph and Kitho-Kir - together known as the Harpoon Sisters. The channel is one to three thousand feet wide and dives down to almost five hundred feet. It is clear to navigate on its northern end, near Zerot. During the heyday of Smickers Lot, the southern part was also safe to navigate.

Moving into the interior of the Harpoon Sisters via this channel can be a dangerous trek for those not of the pirating groups staking claims to the area. Many dangers lurk along the shores, in the Oyster Fens, and in coves holding the camps of pirates.

The channel was named after Captain Smicker. He and his band of pirates used the area as a base for thirty years before deciding to settle down. He turned his pirate town into a freehold and kept its name Smickers Lot. This town was built at the southern end of the channel. In 1448, it was overrun by T'kyr raiders and never rebuilt. At the opposite end of the channel is Zerot, capital of the League of Gyalech.

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