Harpoon Sisters

LocationBuccaneer Archipelago

The Harpoon Sisters are two islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago. The western island is Hînad-Hloph. Its opposite is Kitho-Kir. These two islands were created by a pair of volcanoes many thousands of years ago. The caldera of these volcanoes are lined with dense jungle vegetation. Each also holds a large lake which provides much of the fresh water for streams, waterfalls and the island's inhabitants.

The Harpoon Sisters are separated by a channel of water called Smickers Fjord. On the southern end of Kitho-Kir, facing the fjord, are the ruins of Smickers Lost. At the opposite end of the island is Zerot.

Much of the undersea territory of the Harpoon Sisters is claimed by Tuc'hoom. In the waters around the Harpoon Sisters, there are many tales of drowning pirates being saved by the merfolk of this empire.

Notable Areas