Dunzakh - Mirtheon
OwnerKhazarkar Empire
Founded13 War March 1422

In the late 1300s, the Orchish Empire founded Collossapolos. Their continued expansion brought them to the borders of the Khazarkar Empire. Facing territorial incursions, the Khazarkar built a fortress near the head of a strategic pass the giants named Lyfning Bar. The mountains of Ugradrath became the border between two empires greedy for more land. Bazar, named in honor of the empire's first Setarch, was built to cover the Khazakar's southern gateway.

Sited in the evergreen hills of N'nathil, Bazar has three great walls, a hundred towers, and terrain favorable to the defense. Suffering many wars between Khazarkar Empire and the Orchish Empire it has been sacked and recaptured many times. A hard place to crack, the High Command coined a term for the city, the Khazarkar's Diamond of the West.

Bazar is the closest Khazarkar city to the borders of the Orchish Empire. It is the primary trading network for commerce passing between two states that in times of peace do much trade. The main road passing through the city is the Agluzar.

The city's sewers are home to many Wererats. Numbering in the hundreds, disreputable types, they are paid to guard a vast network of underground tunnels; most made in war's past by Fograth sappers.