Siege of Holy Sanctum

Period1485 - 1487
TheaterLands of Purity
Black Tide VS Farinteen Alliance

The Siege of Holy Sanctum was a pivotal conflict of the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). For centuries, Holy Sanctum had served as a bulwark against northern raiders. It was a gateway to the Farinteen Empire.

In the battles around Holy Sanctum, the paladin Galtrag made a name for himself when he single-handedly slew the great wyrm Apocaleen and scores of undead and other minions of the Black Tide.

In a place called the Field of the Last Charge, the cream of the Farinteen nobility was lost stopping a breakthrough by Pinth's Banner Guard. The dwarves of this brigade smashed through the defenses of the Holy Crescent Army and began attacking the rear and flanks of other units. Pinth Blackstrike poured reserve units through this breach and soon wiped out the Holy Crescent Army. Holy Sanctum would have been lost on that day, if not for the charge of the Farinteen Knights. The nobility stopped the breakthrough and straightened the siege lines. When the day had ended, the majority of the Fainteen nobility had been captured or killed.

The battle for Holy Sanctum lasted two years. In the end it fell to the undead hordes and mercenaries of the Black Tide. The Black Tide suffered terrible losses in the siege, and would have to wait a further two years to rebuild their armies.

Notable Units