Slok Thold

ForgeHrodgridi Furnace
SmithGeimar Hoddreid

Slok Thold is a stone helmet made in the Lith-Crillion Era by Geimar Hoddreid. This Knudmid master smith forged it at Eydreid and then gifted it to the chieftain of the Jafknarri. For many generations after that, it served as the symbol of authority for them. In the Fall of Stygnhild, the helmet was plundered from the body of Stygnhild and taken as booty by the Ogre Lord Golthess. She wore it in many battles after that and upon her death, it was taken by one of her closest lieutenants.

Hrodgridi Temperedfire resistance 10continuous
Stygnhild Presence+10 diplomacy when dealing with the Jafknarricontinuous
Worm Spittlespit a cone of sand and bones to 30' inflicting 6d6 hit points of damage (Reflex DC22 for half), to bring forth this power the wearer must consume bones which are magically broken up when eaten 3/day