Rungveig Cloud Riders

CategoryCrack Units
Goblin (azure)100%
Alignmentneutral to evil
SymbolHawk Claw

Rungveig, Giant for Cloud Riders, is a company-sized paratrooper unit of the Griddrir's navy. The unit is entirely made-up of azure goblins. The formation and training of this unit began under Admiral Otroki. He created a new mode of warfare - training soldiers to parachute onto enemy skyships or ground fortifications. Before this unit, parachutes were mainly used for saving oneself if a skyship began to fall from the sky.

Unlike the Sladdvir, with its purely giant crew, hers and the others have both big and small folk aboard. The towering figures of blue-skinned storm giants and milky-white cloud giants mix with the ice-colored little folk a quarter their height. The little folk, specially trained goblins, wear packs on their backs and move in teams of five. Their people have served the giants for as long as either race can remember. Each ship has two squads of five goblin paratroopers. They're trained to stay together as a tightly coordinated team; and so, to avoid confusion in big fights, each unit wears different-colored armor. They're lucky to be part of the admiral's fleet; it gives them status, almost royal status, among Griddrir's other goblins.

- from the Godspawn Saga

One of unit's most harrowing battles was the Battle of the Weathermaker's Embrace. In the clouds over Cinazan, they parachuted onto the Pillar of Horns. This jump was done in a dense cloud; one created by the Weathermaker. As a result of poor visibility, many paratroopers slammed into the side of the ship where some were impaled on the enemy ship's hull defenses, or they missing the ship entirely. The unit lost 20% of its strength in this battle.

Members of this company train in units of five. They fight in tight coordination, often feinting and scurrying about until they have surrounded their target.