Osteoderm of Krephus

Typewar hammer

The Osteoderm of Krephus is a +4 ghost touch returning sonic burst war hammer. The head of this weapons is constructed from an osteoderm taken from the petrified remains of Krephus. The haft is often made of wood and designed to to be replaceable. This is because the handle often shatters with the use of its power Krephus Dive. Nazumort the Azwyr Amoruk smith who designed this weapon made it like this because earlier versions resulted in wielder's suffering broken arms.

The weapon is enchanted with dwarven rune magic. The runes were made to become invisible after casting, but this did not last, for they burned through leaving elegantly inscribed runes radiating a purple glow. The light from these runes is faint, yet noticeable in the dark to 30'.

The Osteoderm of Krephus was made to fight the Mulinburam king ghosts of Arakkhalgam. It served well in this purpose and was a greatly prized weapon by those guarding the maze-like crypts of their restless ancestors. There were a total of five of these weapons made by Nazumort. The location of Krephus's body is such that few have the meddle to procure the ingredients to make copies of it.

Rebound as Returning continuous
Sonic Burst as Icy Burst but dealing sonic damage continuous
Primordial Taint has dwarven runes that glow, making the weapon noticeable to 30' in the darkcontinuous
Mulinburam Breaker as Ghost Touchcontinuous
Krephus Dive sends out a thunderous blast of Sonic Energy that cracks the ground, leaving a crevice 150' long and 12' wide. Those in the path must make two saves with the first a Reflex DC 25 or fall 1d4 x 10' and taking falling damage. It also requires a Reflex DC 30 or suffer 10-80 hit points of sonic damage. There is a 10% cumulative chance of the weapon's haft to shatter with each use of this power.1/day