Typekobold sub-race
Creation14 Brightstar 602
LanguageDraconic, Giant

Igurkesh are humanoids created from demons and kobolds. Created to serve as soldiers of the dracolich Sahqon Lok Maar, some are part of the dragon's elite army at Gauk Sael.

Into the Second Epoch, Igurkesh numbers grew into the tens of thousands, with many rebelling or running off. Today, those that got their freedom, are enemies of the Botaff and nearly every other fire giant of the Hlimi Kingdoms.

In 1681, a horde of Igurkesh attacked Harknori from beneath. They occupied large areas of this city for six months. After this embarrassment, enemies battling you from bunkers a street over, the Giant Specification law was enacted across Harknori.

Racial Traits
Dragon Hide fire subtype - fire immunity, double damage from cold except on a successful save
Demon Spittlespit a jet of acid to 20' for (3d6 + level) acid damage (touch attack to hit, Reflex 15 + dexterity modifier for half damage), 2/day
Racial as kobold
Common Homelands