Vector GG-4

CategoryUnderdark Locales
RegionImgangreth, Sathubas

Vector GG-4 is one of the water siphons created by Sathubas's aboleth. Like many other similarly named areas of the region, it was designed to funnel water from Imgangreth to the Sathubas region beneath it. GG-4 stands for the fourth shaft of sectors Garathral and Gúrz. In the Lith-Crillion Era, the water flowing into it was no more than a small stream draining south from what became known as Nym-Zoedine. When this area became the epicenter for a primordial artifact, becoming a great glacier spanning from the surface deep into the Underdark, the melt-off became the river Zoedine Tears. The increased flow so widened what was once a crack in a cavern, that it became a great cavity dropping thousands of feet into another region. In the construction of Vector GG-4 and other water siphons, Fihrmorta's engineers had designed for adverse changes to water flows. They did this to mask the sound of water flowing downward, keep them as secret as possible, and to prevent excessive erosion. Nonethless, the creation of Nym-Zoedine, was more than Fihrmorta's engineers had planned for. The Zoedine Tears slowly bored out the series of shafts below it. Spread out over several square miles along zig-zagging channels, the shafts eroded, turning into great waterfalls. The areas around were widened by the water and those that came to inhabit an area that was becoming increasingly bountiful with Underdark wildlife, mushrooms, fungi, and other plant-life. All around these falls are water-filled grottoes, and caves and passages going in all directions.

Vector GG-4 was supposed to be a large crack, draining away a stream that nobody seemed to care about. The demon glacier changed this. The crack became a hole, the stream became a river. Long after the water table had met our goals, GG-4 became something of habitat for beasts, monsters, and humanoids. There is something about the area, the plants grow larger, insects are everywhere, moss covers everything like a carpet. Perhaps it is the wetness of the area, or the serenity of the falls. Whatever the cause, the passages along GG-4 became a road linking Imgangreth and Sathubas. Roads bring commerce, and bandits, and monsters and beasts looking for easy and routine kills.

- Sudvin, aboleth threat advisor - "Fihrmorta Defense"