Urgunn Enclaves

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The Urgunn Enclaves is an area on the eastern edge of the Urgunn swamp. It is the home of self-governing, all woman societies. The only males allowed into their castles and stilt villages dotting the swamp’s edge are slaves, or those brought in for mating.

In 1695, when Raxcvillibus became Ba’lith’s emperor, he made one exception, one group would be allowed to keep their ways, apart from the empire, yet inside its territory. The Urgunn Enclaves would continue to govern themselves, and most importantly, continue what they have always done, supply all-woman minotaur units of exceptional fighting prowess to the empire. Preferring guerrilla tactics, using the berserker stance as their only style of fighting, they are a dangerous force, having served Ba'lith under a series of governments spanning five centuries.

In the hottest month of the year, the woman societies put on the Urgunn Games. They take place in and around the swamp, and are considered some of the most trying games in all of Midrêth.

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