RegionHells Womb

Jorgeir is a lava lake fed by the Daughters of Surtur. At the northern end of the lake is the looming walls of Yorthrun Tor and the great city of Alreirsoar. The fire giants of this area, ply the lake on massive barges, or wade through it. The lava spilling from the volcanoes, passes through Alreirsoar and then into this magma lake. It then passes through massive drains and redirected back into the bowels of the volcanoes.

Alreirsoar is a fire giant city. Pretty damn hot and dangerous place if your not a fiery brute like a salamander, Fyrreid, hell hound, fire giant, fire troll, or red dragon. This massive giant-sized city is sited between the twin volcanoes Daughters of Surtur. They are linked by the great wall Yorthrun Tor. The city's marvels of engineering doesn't end with the wall. Two lava river, one from each volcano, join in the city. These fiery flows are channeled through canals, adqueducts, and out of the gaping maws of enormous statues becoming great lava falls. The lava cuts through the center of the city and into an enormous fiery lake called Jorgeir. It doesn't end there, how could it, the lava would either keep flowing into the lands, probably exhausting the volcanoes, or harden as it lost temperature - oh no, the lava goes into drains. It is then diverted through underground canals back to the volcanoes where one day, probably years later, that same lava will again flow through the wondrous city Alreirsoar.

- Phoslomor, from his book - "A Traveller's Guide to Hells Womb"