Phalkhîr is a thick, tangled, and dark forest north and east of Sahânzar. It stretches from this basin east to Damreth. The Dargirth river runs through the center of the forest. On both sides of this river is the Orondir. This swamp must be crossed, along with the river to reach the eastern tracts of the forest.

Phalkhîr is infested with spiders, lamia, leucrotta, displacer beasts, and other fell creatures. In addition to these creatures are numerous poisonous and noxious plants; some of these are carnivorous.

Late in the Horgon Era, kriavian elf descendants of Lúthil hunted and lived in this forest. These elves built Herfarel which by the First Epoch had become a city-state. Herfarel, now ruins, is in the southernmost part of Phalkhîr.

Notable Areas