Phalkhîr is a thick, tangled, and dark forest north and east of Sahânzar. The Dargirth river runs through the center of the forest. It is three miles across in this area, with swamps and mires flanking both sides. In addition to the hazards hunting out of the Orondir Wetlands, Phalkhîr offers many dangerous, giant spiders, lamia, leucrotta, displacer beasts, and array of other fell creatures. The plant-life is also dangerous, with an unsually higher number of mobile carnivorous types.

Early in the Horgon Era Kriavian Elves, descendants of Lúthil came to this area. They built Lagaer on the banks of the Dargirth River. For a time, this elven city-state brought stability to this forest and the lands around.

Notable Areas